Alexa Ignacio and Abby Gilman

Alexa Ignacio and Abby Gilman

Alexa is a USF graduate with degrees in mass communication and biomedical sciences. She is a Florida native who was born and raised in Pinellas County. Abby is a graduate of USF's English program and spends most of her time writing fiction. She loves reading and learning new things in order to widen her view on the world.

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Top 5 College Experiences You Won’t Forget

Starting college is overwhelming. You are thrust into a new life in an unfamiliar place, and it can be hard to stay current with all the available events and activities while keeping up with classes. College, however, is more than just attending classes and getting good grades. It’s a combination of discovery, involvement, and enjoyment, and activities in and out of the classroom are part of shaping the complete experience. Here’s our list of the top 5 college experiences you won’t forget, activities every student should explore during their college years.


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