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Don't Make These Common College Application Mistakes

Throughout your high school career, you’ve poured yourself into your classes, built a strong portfolio of accomplishments, and dedicated countless hours preparing for a great SAT or ACT score. The college application represents the last step in your path to college. Now that you’re so close, don’t fall victim to any of the common college application mistakes that can trip you up at the finish line.

Find out which application errors get noticed by admissions teams. Even seemingly minor, innocuous oversights can present a major threat to your chances of acceptance. From the application itself to external factors, discover how you can avoid the most common mistakes that can derail your college plans.

Finding Your Academic Fit: Reach, Match and Safety Schools

With the cost of higher education dominating the national conversation, many students are focused on applying to colleges that are a good financial fit. It’s a smart strategy. But it’s equally important to consider colleges that are a good academic fit. To thrive in higher education and successfully complete a degree, you need a school that will simultaneously challenge you, support your educational needs, and cater to your unique interests. We’ll show you how to find “the one.”

Preparing for College: Junior Year Checklist

Are you dreaming of senior year, that magical time when you’ll FINALLY rule the roost? It may seem like it’s a long way off, but in a few short months, your final year of high school will be upon you — and so will college applications. While it’s tempting to put “all things college” on the back burner until next fall, preparing for college during your junior year is a smart strategy that can reduce stress, help you stay on track, and increase your chances of admission.

7 Tips for Dealing with the Anxiety of Graduating High School

After 13 years as a student, you’re finally approaching that glorious milestone – high school graduation! You’re thrilled, right? Except that you’re probably stressed out of your mind and terrified of the transition to adult life and college. Welcome to the roller coaster of senior year. Just remember two important points: You’re not the only one and you’re going to be okay. Take a deep breath and follow our 7 tips for dealing with the anxiety of graduating high school.

What Tampa Bay Has to Offer for College Students

The Tampa Bay area offers everything you could want in a college town: sunshine, culture, sports, entertainment, city vibes, beach life, and endless outdoor fun. What you might not expect is that you can enjoy most of it for a reduced price just for being in college – discount heaven for Bulls on a budget. If you’re ready to eat, play, explore, and experience everything that makes the Gulf Coast of Florida irresistible, get ready to discover what the Tampa Bay area has to offer for college students.

Six Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Make a College Decision

Over the years, you’ve tried to strike a balance between guiding your child down the right path and allowing them to make their own choices. Now it’s time to select a college. What should your role in this process look like? Surprisingly, it’s not much different than what you’ve been doing all along. Here are six ways you can help your child make a college decision that’s well-informed, yet free from parental pressure.

Are Honors Colleges Worth It?

If you’re an academically talented high school student, chances are you’ve been approached by college admissions recruiters offering all manner of special benefits and programs. One of the distinctive opportunities increasingly proffered is admission to a university honors college. So, are honors colleges worth it, or are other opportunities a better fit for you? We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of these elite programs so you can make an informed decision.

The Difference Between a Non-Degree and Degree-Seeking Program

Not every student follows a direct route to advanced knowledge. In fact, there are a range of flexible paths. Perhaps you are in search of university courses to satisfy a personal interest, want to register for classes as a visiting student, or have a desire to enhance your education with additional courses after graduation. For any of these reasons and more, you may have questions about the difference between a non-degree and degree-seeking program. Read on for the answers.

Gifts for College-Bound Students

Leaving home for college is such a big deal. It calls for a useful but unique gift, a send-off that shows your student that you really get who they are. If you’re just not sure how to say congratulations, check out our gifts for college-bound students, a curated list of uncommonly thoughtful presents for every style of student.

College Prep Apps for College-Bound Students

Going to college is an exciting experience many students anticipate throughout their high school years. With this excitement comes the daunting realization of all the planning, applications, and processes a student needs to go through before finally walking onto campus. Thankfully, there are a number of different apps and websites designed to help students embark on the college journey. Here are 10 college prep apps for college-bound students.


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