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How to Make Friends in College

By nature, humans are social beings, with a desire for companionship built into each and every one of us. We need friendship and studies show that those friends help keep us healthy. In college, the connections you make are just as ...

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5 College Life Lessons from Ted Lasso

Put on your favorite football jersey and bake yourself some shortbread: tonight is the season finale of “Ted Lasso.” (And it might also be the last episode ever, but we’re too busy shouting WE’RE RICHMOND TILL WE DIE to listen to this ...

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7 Factors to Ignore When Picking a College

Like many high school seniors, you’re on the cusp of making one of the biggest decisions of your life — where you’ll choose to go to college. Choosing where you’ll spend the next four years of your life is something you’ve likely spent the ...

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Is Having a Car on Campus Worth It?

Having a car on campus can be a great asset. Whether you picture yourself shepherding all your new college friends around town or easily visiting your family on holiday breaks, owning your transportation can open a world of opportunity. ...

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