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What to Know Before Joining Greek Life

Maybe you’re a fan of secret handshakes. (I mean, aren’t we all?) Or maybe you like the idea of having a big extended family of “brothers” and “sisters” on campus. Whatever it is, you’re intrigued by your college’s fraternity or sorority, ...

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How to Choose Your Room Style at College

If you’re not sure how to choose your room style at college, you’re not alone. With a wide and overwhelming range of student housing at most colleges, it can get confusing for incoming students and their families. But if you use our tips ...

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5 Tips to Meet New People at College

Moving away from home and leaving behind your friends and family can be tough. Sixty-six percent of college students report being homesick in their freshman year. I remember coming to USF and feeling overwhelmed about meeting people and ...

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What to Expect When You Start College

The first time you are on a college campus will be an eye-opening realization. A realization that all the hard work put forth in high school has paid off. Feeling the satisfaction of earning a higher level of education is great. Remember, ...

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