Kate Gehlen

Kate Gehlen

Kate Gehlen is a graduate of USF's Honors College. She was involved in many different areas of student affairs, serving as an Orientation Leader, representing the Alumni Association as a USF Ambassador, being a leader in her sorority and the USF Panhellenic Sorority Community, and working with the Honors College as an admissions intern.

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Tips for Checking Out an Honors College During a Campus Visit

Joining an honors college comes with its perks. Being part of a tight-knit community within a large university is just one of them. When touring potential honors colleges, the feeling should be the same: personalized, intimate, and collaborative. Read up on our tips for checking out an honors college during a campus visit.

Being an Honors Student: A Student’s Perspective on the USF Honors College

I am in my second year at USF, and one of the deciding factors for attending this school was being an honors student in the Honors College. I’ve always loved learning, and discussion has become increasingly important to the way I learn. Coming to college, I wanted to make sure that some of my classes would be small enough for me to have conversations in class about the subject matter with the professor and my peers and not just sit quietly through a lot of big lecture hall classes.


What It Means to Be an Honors College Student

You took Advanced Placement classes in high school, have been in honors classes since middle school, and as a high school student have taken classes at a nearby community college. Congratulations, your rigorous education has positioned you to appreciate what it means to be an honors college student.


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