Jen Carlevatti

Jen Carlevatti

Jen Carlevatti is the former Associate Director of Communications for USF’s Office of Admissions. Currently, she is a freelance Content Developer for USF’s Office of Innovative Education. She enjoys writing blog articles that empower students and their families to successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid processes.

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Who to Contact During Every Step of the College Admission Process

At the beginning of the college hunt, the admissions office is typically your go-to contact for general information, campus tours, and application submission. At USF, our Office of Admissions handles those responsibilities. However, once you’re admitted, there are a host of other campus partners you’ll work with to complete your enrollment. Read on for information on who to contact during every step of the college admission process.

Tips to Stay on Track to Graduate from High School

Whether you’re a freshman adjusting to the increased demands of high school or a fourth-year student struggling with a major case of senioritis, high school is full of challenges. Find out how to get through it successfully (and thrive) with our six tips to stay on track to graduate from high school.

How Being a College Volunteer Supports More Than the Community

When you’re juggling a mountain of homework, a busy social life, and a host of demanding sports and club activities, volunteering may be the furthest thing from your mind. Here’s why you should consider making the time: Being a college volunteer provides some significant benefits for you and the communities you serve.

Why Meeting with Your College Counselor Is Important

Think getting into college is as simple as researching a school, submitting an application, and waiting for a reply? Easy peasy, right? Maybe. You can certainly tackle the college hunt on your own, but working with your college counselor can make the process much less stressful and more effective. Why is meeting with your college counselor important? Here are seven ways they can give your search a boost.

Should You Delay College: Is a Gap Year A Good Idea?

Members of the COVID Class of 2020 have already sacrificed prom, traditional graduation ceremonies, and other rites of passage on the altar of the novel coronavirus. Is freshman year next? The thought of one more milestone going up in smoke is enough to induce nausea. However, should you delay college: Is a gap year a good idea? We explore the pros and cons below.

How to Manage Time Effectively in Online Courses

Whether you were involuntarily thrust into online courses by the recent pandemic or thoughtfully chose an online degree program, learning to manage time effectively can make or break your experience in the virtual classroom. The good news? If you were an outstanding student in traditional classes, the transition to online learning doesn’t have to be difficult. Our time management tips for online students can help you thrive in this brave new world and manage time effectively in online courses.

Top 6 Myths About Online Learning

Before the COVID-19 pandemic spread to every corner of the earth, you may have given little thought to online learning. Or maybe you heard the whispers that online classes were easy, or that your brother could take your calculus final for you and no one would ever know. Now that students at nearly every university in the United States have transitioned to remote learning, it’s time to separate fact from fiction. Follow along as we debunk the top 6 myths about online learning.

What Does Each College Application Status Mean?

Ah, spring. It’s a time for blooming flowers, rising temperatures, and receiving college admission decisions. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of ecstatic students jumping for joy over receiving an acceptance letter. However, there is a lesser known but equally common reaction that occurs: Tearing open an envelope and wondering “what does my college application status mean?”

How to Set a College Student Budget

Tuition, textbooks, groceries, laundry, transportation – the list of college expenses can sometimes seem longer than the Great Wall of China. It’s easy for students managing money on their own for the first time to become overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all, or worse yet, to overspend. Creating a solid college student budget can help keep the stress, and your finances, in check.

Top Six Financial Aid Tips for Parents

Starting the financial aid process is a lot like diving into a bowl of alphabet soup. FAFSA, EFC, CSS Profile, SAR – what do they all mean? Where should you begin? What’s most important? If you want to help your child reduce the cost of college without becoming a financial aid officer, never fear. Our top six financial aid tips for parents highlight the key points to help you get the most money for college.

Priority Deadlines to Early Decision: Your Guide to College Admission Types

If you’re just getting started on your college applications, you may be surprised to learn you have more than one way to apply. Each choice comes with its own set of requirements and deadlines that can affect your chances of acceptance. So, which one is right for you? Read on to learn the pros and cons of the seven major college admission types (including priority deadline and rolling admission, the two types used at USF).

What Is a Research University?

From global positioning systems and magnetic resonance imaging to the nicotine patch and antibiotics, research universities are responsible for some of mankind’s greatest discoveries. But beyond its power as an engine of innovation, what is a research university, and can it provide an ideal environment for an undergraduate student like you?

How to Research Campus Safety

No matter what types of colleges you’re exploring – small or large, rural or urban – chances are you’re wondering how safe you’ll be on each campus. It’s a valid concern for both students and families as crime continues to increase. An important safeguard is to gather crime data and learn about the safety measures in place at each college you’re considering so you can make informed decisions. Not sure how to get started? Here are five ideas on how to research campus safety at your target schools.

What Is Preeminence and Why It Matters to You

You may have heard that the University of South Florida was recently designated a Preeminent State Research University by the Florida Board of Governors. It’s a historic achievement over 10 years in the making, and it comes with millions of dollars in new funding that will benefit USF, its students, and the entire Tampa Bay region. What is preeminence, you ask? We'll give you the quick rundown and explain why preeminence matters to students, like you.

College Campus Safety: What You Need to Know

Heading off to college means increased independence – no one will be looking over your shoulder, telling you how late you can stay out or making sure you eat your vegetables. It also comes with the responsibility to take college campus safety seriously.

College Campus Resources: What You Can Expect

For many students, heading off to college can be both exhilarating and a little scary. You’ll be living on your own (probably for the first time in your life), meeting new friends, exploring new places, managing your own money, and learning to study without “parental supervision.” Fortunately, there are college campus resources that can help you stay on top of your game and adjust to life as an undergraduate. Here are just some of the services available on most college campuses:

3 Ways College Counselors Help Students and Parents

Feeling stressed out by the college planning process? You’re not alone! Deciding which colleges to apply to, application deadlines, financial aid paperwork, waiting for decisions and choosing a college to attend are enough to make anyone a little tense. The good news is you have a valuable (free) resource available to help: your high school/college counselor.

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

If you’re like most high school seniors, you’ve likely spent the last few months bombarded by hundreds of brochures, emails, texts, and social media posts with a single message: “Come to XYZ College. It’s the BEST! And we can prove it with all these pictures of smiling students in XYZ College gear!”


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